Plastic PVC partitions Rehau is a popular solution for offices and commercial premises in Chisinau. They have a number of obvious advantages compared to other materials, namely: they are water resistant, are not susceptible to insect attacks, fire-resistant, economical, maintenance-free, easy to install, available in different color shades and do not require painting and polishing.

We offer pvc-partitions in Chisinau, which are considered to be the best solution for dividing space in apartments, offices and commercial premises. They are especially relevant in places where walls are constantly exposed to temperature, dust, excessive spraying, smoke and humidity. These aesthetically designed partitions add elegance to the interior of the room and become its important element.

The redevelopment of the premises using plastic partitions will not be a costly undertaking, moreover all the changes are reversible and you can always make the redevelopment for new needs without resorting to big expenses and long-term work.

Advantages of PVC partitions Rehau:

* Quick installation

* Affordable prices

* Appearance perfectly fits into any design

* Ability to select any color profile of the color palette RAL

* Environmentally friendly

Another important feature of plastic partitions is the protection against noise. This is especially useful in the layout of the office. They will protect from extraneous noise create a favorable environment for work and important business negotiations.

To find out the prices and order the PVC partitions and doors  Rehau from the manufacturer in Moldova, you can contact us. Call on the phone or leave your contact information in application form on web-site so that our specialists could contact you in the near future and answer any questions you have!

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