PVC doors

PVC doors

Our company manufactures Entrance - Balcony PVC doors in Chisinau. Massive or miniature, simple design or with an unusual design, in classical or modern style - thanks to the great possibilities of working with the best quality PVC systems, we will be able to choose the best option based on reinforced profiles REHAU 60 and REHAU 70 mm. With us you will easily find an excellent solution at favorable prices.

The front door is more than just a design element, it must also meet special requirements. It must function reliably, provide protection from adverse weather conditions and ensure a high level of safety. The basic requirements include good stability, optimized thermal insulation, good sound insulation and protection against burglary, long service life, and attractive design.

High-quality entrance doors made of PVC Rehau have excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as exceptionally high strength. Entrance doors are designed for approximately 100,000 opening and closing cycles and are therefore tested for quality for approximately 20 years of use. The construction of the frame can be further strengthened using steel-clad corner brackets. The front doors can also be equipped with multi-point locks and special fittings to achieve a very high level of intrusion protection.

Rehau entrance and balcony doors are available in different styles, options and colors. They can be with glass and aluminum panels, which elegantly emphasize the architectural style of modern buildings. They can also be easily integrated into the facade of old buildings, using a variety of installation methods.

Standard features include reinforced plastic profile 60/70 mm or aluminum construction, handles, door hinges, latch and other fittings. In addition, a handle with a key, locks, profile is laminated depending on the desire and design of the building.

Balcony doors are created on the basis of window frames. This allows you to achieve maximum pressure against the frame, thereby avoiding heat loss and noise in the apartment. Order balcony and entrance doors by calling or filling an application form on the site. Our specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions. Measurement and calculation for free!

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