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PVC windows Rehau

Choosing a quality window is a responsible task. The right choice is predetermine how warm and cozy your home willbe. A quality window will protect you from cold, noise, dust, will keep a comfortable microclimate and silence in the room. At the same time, it will aesthetically complement design of your house or apartment. If comfort, silence and harmony for you are not an empty sound, then the perfect choice for you is the PVC windows Rehau.

Plastic windows Rehau have a number of advantages. They are designed, taking into account all the features that are necessary to make the window reliable and durable. The windows are made of a multi-compartment reinforced profile in accordance with international quality standards. They are resistant to temperature changes, deformations and mechanical damages, they have high indicators in heat and sound insulation, a high level of fire safety, are environmentally friendly and are subject to recycling. Windows do not require special care and are ready to withstand any environmental impact for many years.

Window profile Rehau

The profile design includes a plastic housing. Inside there are longitudinal partitions with air chambers. The level of heat and noise insulation depends on number of these chambers. For the climate in Moldova, it is recommended that the profile has 3 airbags.

Criteria that should be followed when selecting a window

• financial possibilities of the family

• climatic features of the region

• taking into account the location of the house or apartment (near railways and highways it is recommended to pay special attention to soundproofing parameters)

Also, when you choose a plastic window Rehau you need to pay attention to the width of the profile. With a width of 70 mm, you can install a double-glazed window with a width of 42 mm, while with a profile width of 60 mm, the width of the glazing unit does not exceed 32 mm. At the same time,  increasing the number of cameras with a constant thickness of the profile, will not give you the visible result, therefore it is equally important to take into account both the width of the profile and the number of cameras.

Another important thing you should remember - the quality of installation of the window. This will affect on the durability of life of the window, as well as the quality of insulation. With non-professional installation, gaps and heat loss may occur, which, of course, can not be tolerated. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you only contact professionals.

Our company is ready to offer our services in the manufacture and installation of pvc windows Rehau in Moldova. Having behind us many years of experience, we can guarantee the highest quality of the produced windows and professional installation.

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